Ancient rice sake Retro PoRice Hannan 300ml

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「Japanese sake to commemorate a registration of Japan heritage of Katsuragi Shugendo」(Retro PoRice=Retro:Ancient、Rice:rice、PoRice(Polis):city)

Product Outline

■Alcoholic content:16%

Product Feature

・This sake is sweet and sour like a plum wine.
・This sake is suited to drink before you eat, and to drink a toast of celebration.
・This sake looks red because of brewed by ancient rice.


・The person who likes a sweet sake
・The person who likes a plum wine
・The person who wants to drink a rare sake
・The person who can't drink much

Expectation effect

・This sake makes your dishes more colorful.
・The person who can't drink much easily drinks this sake and understands Japanese sake.
・This sake is made from Ancient rice which is rare and this sake makes you feel elation to drink a rare Japanese sake.

Our hope

・This sake is made to consume the local products in hometown with Chamber of Commerce in Hannan city by Naniwa shuzo.
・This label has Hanaty which is the Character of Hannan city.

※The size of this sake is 300ml。