ZendaiMimon Junmai-Daiginjo 1800ml

22,000  (Including tax)
(exc tax 20,000 )
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「unprecedented aged sake for more than 10 years」

Product Outline

■Alcohol content:16% ■Rice polishing rate:19%

Product Features

・Aged sake for more than 10 years
・Sharp taste which you don't think is aged sake
・Unique taste of aged sake


・The person who likes aged sake
・The person who tries unprecedent flavor of sake
・The person who wants to enjoy high-grade sake

Expectation effect

・You experience the top-grade aged sake.
・This makes you understand the good point of aged sake.
・This is extraordinarily rare.

Our Hope

 This sake is made from rice polished to 19%. We can say that this hand-made sake is one of the top-level sakes. You can experience unprecedent taste of sake. It's high price but leads you to the world of aged sake. 

※The size of this sake is 1800ml