(Definition of personal information)
1.In this policy, personal information is the information about a person which includes the name, birth date or other description or your number. Even if we cannot recognize you from a part of the information, it's personal information if we specify you when we combine it with other information.

2.We obey personal information protection law, other laws about personal information protection, guidelines personal information protection committee and the competent authorities publicize and this policy.

(Use of personal information within the limits of specific purpose)
3.We use personal information within the limits of specific purpose of use, except that you allow us to use it in advance or the laws permit us to do so.

(Personal information acquisition)
4.We give you the list of purpose of use personal information and enquiry and are given your approval. We cannot get it before you give us your approval when the personal information includes the information about race or religion except that the laws permit us to use it.

(Personal information about customers under 15-year-old)
5.We obey all laws of personal information about people under 15-year-old acquisition, preservation and use. If you realize that your children give us their personal information without their parents' or guardian's approval, you contact us. 

(Safety measure)
6.We take appropriate safe measures in order to keep personal information exact, perfect and up-to-date within the limits of purpose of use and prevent other people from accessing illegally,  leaking it, tampering it or losing it.

(Supervision of trustees)
7.We may consign use of personal information to other group companies or third party within the limits of purpose of use. We take appropriate safe measures under information security policy. In case of consignment to third party, we make an agreement with the third party and keep the personal information safe. We obey an obligation to prepare records legally in case of consignment to third party in foreign countries. 

(Provision of personal information to third party)
8.We don't provide personal information with third party without your agreement except that the laws allow us to do so. We obey an obligation to prepare records legally in case of consignment to third party.

(Provision of consultation)
9.We properly deal with enquiry about a release, modification, suspension of use or erase of personal information based on the laws.

(Enhancement of compliance system and education)
10.We continue enhancement of compliance system through in-service training and internal audit.

March 27th, 2021
Naniwa sake brewery Co., Ltd.
CEO Kazuhiro Naruko