NaniwaMasamune Tokubetsu-Junmai 720ml

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「All-purpose player because of your enjoyable drink either hot or cold

Product Outline

■Alcohol content:16% ■Rice polishing rate:60%

Product Features

・A little dry sake
・Your enjoyable drink either hot or cold
・Light and refreshing


・The person who like drinking hot
・The person who like drinking cold
・The person who like drinking light and refreshing sake

Expectation effect

・This sake goes well with the food because of the taste of a little dry and light and refreshing.
・You enjoy the refreshing taste when you drink cold in summer.
・You notice the goodness of drinking hot.

Our hope

・We planned this sake to make you satisfied with it wherever and whenever you drink it.
・This sake goes well with many foods as if This sake were an all-purpose player.

※The size of this sake is 720ml.