Billiken bottle 180ml

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「The representative Billiken's sake in Osaka」

Product Outline

■Alcohol content:15%

Product Features

・Suitable for souvenir or gift
・Decorate your room with this as an interior


・The person who cannot choose the souvenir or gift of Osaka
・The person who likes Billiken san

Expectation effect

・We made Billiken in Tsutenkaku of Osaka a bottle.
・Your everyday touching of Billiken's sole of the foot may makes you happy!?
・This ceramic bottle enables you to give someone this as a gift.
・The sake of this bottle is dry, which is suitable for drinking during a meal. 

Our Hope

・We brews sake in Osaka for about 300 years, which makes us make this bottle including thankful feeling for Osaka.
・This is mainly sold as a souvenir. We think it's the best-souvenir in Osaka.

※The size of this sake is 180ml.