Cup sake with Yoshimura governor of Osaka 180ml

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「Cup sake suitable for the souvenir of Osaka」

Product Outline

■Alcoholic content:15% ■Nihonshudo:+1.0 (a little dry)

Product features

・This size is suitable for the souvenir of Osaka
・The cute label


・The person who can't choose the souvenir of Osaka
・The person who collects the cute labels

Expectation effect

・This sake is adequate for the souvenir of Osaka.
・You can enjoy this pretty label.

Our hope

・This product has an animated label while The sake of Yoshimura governor of Osaka 1.8L has the real Yoshimura governor label.
・Yoshimura governor's pose means defeat covid-19 in Osaka. 

※The size of this sake is 180ml.