Junmai sake With Yoshimura Governor of Osaka prefecture 1800ml

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「A little dry Junmai sake good at everything」

Product Outline

■Alcohol content:16% ■Rice polishing rate:60%

Product Features

・A little dry sake
・The good taste to drink either cold or hot
・Good souvenir


・The person who like drinking hot
・The person who cannot choose the souvenir of Osaka
・The person who search for refreshing sake

Expectation effect

・This sake goes well with the food because of the taste of a little dry and light and refreshing.
・You give anyone this as a souvenir.
・You notice the goodness of drinking hot.

Our hope

 We could get the chance to meet Yoshimura governor and talked with him only for 15 minutes. "Don't come over corona" includes Yoshimura governor's hope. We hope that you drink this in your house and feel good although this situation keeps us on our toes.

※The size of this sake is 1800ml.