NaniwaMasamune Natsu-nama Junmai-Ginjo 1800ml

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「The sake you can drink a lot because of its fruity flavor」

※This sake is shipped by refrigerated courier service because of this row sake, which makes you pay additional fee (200 yen per bottle).
・Natsu means summer, Nama means row.

Product Outline

■Alcohol content:17% ■Rice polishing rate:55%

Product Features

・Fruity taste
・Fresh flavor
・Easy drinking


・The person who likes fruity sake
・The person who drink a lot

Expectation Effect

・Fruity and easy drinking sake makes you satisfied.
・Ladies can also drink because of its fresh flavor.
・This sake is suitable for drinking during a meal.

Our Hope

・This sake is brewed in order to go well with dish with fragrant flavor.
・The existence of many fans makes this sake popular.
・It's sold only in summer.

※The size of this product is 1800ml