Boude Junmai-ginjo 720ml

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「The sake made from local rice」

Product Outline

■Alcohol content:16% ■Rice polishing rate:60%

Product Features

・The Japanese sake made from local rice in Boude area.
・Fragrant and dry sake
・Lovely flavor sake


・The person who likes dry sake
・The person who wants to drink the sake which is made from local rice
・The person who tries fragrant sake

Expectation Effect

・This sake made from local rice reminds you of your hometown
・Fragrant and dry sake enables you to either enjoy drinking it or drink for a meal.
・We have low on stock of this sake and this sake is sold out in summer every year, which enables you to enjoy this rare sake. 

Our Hope

・We made this sake by Hinohikari in Boude area and Yamadanishiki.
・You can feel the strong taste of rice.

※The size of this sake is 720ml