NaniwaMasamune Tokubetsu-Junmai dry 1800ml

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「Representative of Japanese sake going well with food」

Product Outline

■Alcohol content:16% ■Rice polishing rate:60%

Product Features

・Dry taste
・Best sake during a meal


・The person who cannot choose the sake going well with food
・The person who likes to drink dry sake

Expectation effect

・Easy drinking of this sake enables you to drink much.
・Drinking during a meal not only makes you enjoyable Japanese sake, but also makes the dish more delicious.
・One or two sake Naniwa sake brewery makes plays an important role on comparing itself with other sake Naniwa shuzo makes.

Our Hope

  A high-class Japanese-restaurant's service of this sake means that this sake goes well with dish. Our Toji's skill makes it possible to make delicious dry sake regardless of the difficulty in brewing dry sake.

※The size of this sake is 1800ml.