NaniwaMasamune Daiginjo 300ml

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「Japanese sake admitted by Professional」

Product Outline

■Alcoholic content:16% ■Nihonshudo:+3.0 ■Rice polishing rate:40%

Product Features

・This sake has highly fragrant, tasteful, and good aftertaste.
・The exterior suitable for gifts


薫り高く味わい深いお酒が好きな方 ・贈答品に悩んでいる方 ・専門家に認められたお酒を味わいたい方

Expectation effect

・This sake gets the prize of Osaka governor which means the best sake in Osaka, so this sake is admitted by sake professional.
・The person who gets this sake is satisfied with this luxury case.
・You can feel elegant when you drink this sake.

Our hope

・Toji (chief brewer at a sake brewery) managed Moromi every two hours so didn't overlook any changes and brewed it perfectly.

※The size of this sake is 300ml.

750  (Including tax) (exc tax 682 )

■Alcoholic content:16%

■Nihonshudo:-10.0 (sweet)

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250  (Including tax) (exc tax 227 )

■Alcoholic content : 15%

■Nihonshudo : +1.0 (a little dry)

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