Cup sake going well with Okonomiyaki 180ml

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「Cup sake suitable for Okonomiyaki」

Product outline

■Alcoholic content:15% ■Nihonshudo:+1.0 (a little dry)

Product Features

・This size is easy to drink when you eat Okonomiyaki.
・This sake is brewed to drink it with Okonomiyaki.


・The person who like Okonomiyaki
・The person who runs Okonomiyaki shop or who knows the person managing Okonomiyaki shop

Expectation effect

・You had better drink this sake when you eat Okonomiyaki because this sake makes Okonomiyaki more delicious!?
   (*This sake doesn't have any ingredients to make Okonomiyaki more delicious.)
・You can choose this sake when the person running Okonomiyaki shop Can't choose Okonomiyaki in this shop.

Our hope

・We brewed this sake while pursuing the sake going well with Okonomiyaki.
・A lot of Okonomiyaki shops choose this sake in mainly Osaka.

※The size of this sake is 180ml.