Cup sake going well with Takoyaki 180ml

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「Cup sake suitable for Takoyaki」

Product Outline

■Alcoholic content:15%

Product Features

・You easily eat Takoyaki with this sake because of this size.
・This sake is brewed to drink it with Takoyaki.


・The person who likes Takoyaki
・The person who runs Takoyaki shop or who know the person managing Takoyaki shop

Expectation effect

・You had better drink this sake when you eat Takoyaki because you maybe don't feel hot!?
   (*This sake can't protect the heat of Takoyaki)
・You choose this product when the person running Takoyaki shop can't choose the alcohol in your shop. 

Our hope

・We brewed this sake while pursuing the sake going well with Takoyaki.
・A lot of Takoyaki shops in mainly Osaka choose this sake. 

※The size of this sake is 180ml.